Self Defense: Bear Hug Escape

Self Defense: Bear Hug Escape

this definitely works.





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    Nope… just nope. The first thing people do once they bearhug someone is
    go for the rear naked choke. You will not be able to get around someone who
    is already trying to get their hooks in you. The headbutt IS the best
    option. Besides that, you don’t even know that your assailant has balls for

    The best thing to do is headbutt. These guys’ other videos suck too btw.

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    One thing I’d like to add in is if you can, after you throw him down, try
    to stay standing. Cause like you said, if you guys get into a ground fight,
    his buddies could start tap dancing on you. Best to stay standing and pound
    him from there.

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    Everytime I watch your videos, your voice and ways of teaching, it’s as if
    I’m in Never Back Down 2 and youre Michael Jai White damn !

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    aggravated assault my ass … you do what you need to do til your aggressor
    is no longer a threat … I do believe an ending point … but it sure
    ain’t after only 1 or 2 shots to the grawing … personally I would have
    preferred to have put him into a leg bar and snap his shit … still would
    be considered self defense … and you didn’t go all ballistic with the
    ground and pound …